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Our expert dietitian designs personalized and effective weight loss plans tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you prefer in-person consultations or the convenience of online sessions, our dietitian in Thane is dedicated to helping you achieve lasting results. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with guidance from our experienced professionals. Say goodbye to fad diets and welcome a sustainable approach to weight loss. Choose the Best dietitian in Thane for personalized and results-driven nutrition advice. Your journey to a healthier you starts here! Our comprehensive services include diabetes and PCOS reversal, blood parameter correction, and minimizing medication dosages. Take charge of your well-being today.

Call us now to embark on your journey towards a healthier, happier life. Don't just manage, reverse, and thrive with Fiprofat! Experience transformative health with Fiprofat!

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Our diet, what we consume, what we choose to put in our bodies, is an intricate part of who we are. Every day may feel like a challenge if you embark on this journey without proper guidance and preparation, but the same journey goes so smoothly once you make FiProFat your companion for this lovely trip. We help you balance your favorite foods with your body's favorite foods, thus achieving optimum health.

Navigating the intricate landscape of our diet requires the guidance of a skilled professional. In Thane, finding the best dietitian is crucial, especially for weight loss. Enter FiProFat, your trusted companion, on this transformative journey toward optimal health. FiProFat offers comprehensive health solutions, specializing in diabetes and PCOS reversal. Our approach extends beyond symptom management to address root causes, promoting significant improvements in blood parameters. Our personalized strategies aim at reducing reliance on medications and fostering long-term well-being. With a commitment to holistic health, FiProFat empowers individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle, achieve diabetes reversal and PCOS correction, and optimize blood parameters while minimizing medicine dosages for sustainable and transformative outcomes. As the leading Online Dietitian in Thane, FiProFat excels in striking the perfect balance between your favorite foods and your body's nutritional needs. With a team of expert Dietitians in Thane, FiProFat ensures that every day becomes a seamless adventure towards a healthier you.

Say goodbye to the challenges of maintaining a nutritious diet and welcome the expertise of the Best Dietitian in Thane for weight loss. Let FiProFat be your partner in this lovely trip to a healthier, more vibrant life.

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Hey there! It’s Khusboo.

I am a Registered Dietitian, with expertise in diet planning as per body parameters and medical conditions. I understand the struggles that come with an imbalanced diet and can relate to the stress and anxiety that it causes. If you are here and reading this, then know that you are on a journey to a healthier and better life and I am here to ease your journey.

Looking to achieve your weight loss goals in Thane? Look no further than the Best Dietitian in Thane! Welcome to a healthier version of you. FiProFat helps you plan healthy food for your daily routine and understand the logic behind a healthy lifestyle forever. Want to know what should be your first step on this path?

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Anybody concerned with food and nutrition can proclaim themselves to be a nutritionist. A dietitian

will have knowledge of calculating the nutrients of food for different health conditions to build a diet

plan. A Registered Dietitian is the highest degree in this sector, with further hospital experience and

registration by Indian Dietetic Association, to plan specialised diets in view of all the medical

conditions of a person.

Keto diet is a high fat low carbs diet which is so planned that the body starts using fats as the main

source of energy. It is mainly used to treat epilepsy. It may be used for weight loss, however, the

weight loss caused is temporary, as it bounces the weight double fast once the diet is left, added

upon by shooting the blood cholesterol levels. It needs to be planned only by registered dietitians,

looking at the complete health profile of the person.

At FiProFat, we have numerous examples of reducing the thyroid medicine dosage from Thyronorm

125mg to 10-15mg; and reversing PCOD to successful pregnancy/ regular periods- all these just with

proper diet and lifestyle modification. A planned diet helps to boost your body’s metabolism so as to

not just help you lose weight, but also counter the hormonal imbalance and improve your health.

Your worries are our experiences. Children may have fussy eating habits, but a thorough behavioural

counselling, negotiating with their taste and meeting their requirements through food helps improve

both their height and weight, simultaneously. Balancing their junk likes with fancy healthy options

helps to open their appetite and thus divert their interest towards food.

Not all diet food are expensive. In fact, most with the fancy name of “diet” and expensive MRPs

aren’t even healthy. You need to be the smart judge to understand the food labels, and decide if a

particular food is healthy or not. Then you may choose for simplest and cheapest healthy options

too. Moreover, any food, required to build health, is much cheaper as compared to the cost of

medicines required to treat health!


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