About Khusboo Maheshwari

Know Your Dietician

Hi, I am Khusboo Maheshwari. I am a Registered Dietitian (Mumbai Topper), a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), a POSHAN certified Nutritionist, and an ACE-certified Personal Trainer (ACE IFT). Having worked with several hospitals and seeing the diseases getting stuck to young individuals, I got moved to work on prevention, where diet helps the most. Though medicines may work to cure any disease, diet helps in the prevention and long-term management. This motivated me to start FIProFat where I consult not just to help my clients achieve their goals.

Our Goal and Mission

FiProFat is a blend of components of a balanced diet – Fibre, Proteins & Fats and thus encourages a balanced diet, overall crash diets, for sustained health benefits. Since lifestyle is an overall course, we train you to eat well, exercise as per your needs and manage stress. This approach has helped us win the goodwill of all clients served, as they win their desired health goals.


Bringing you a healthier tomorrow!