Services We Offer

Check out our wide range of services we offer to cater to your better health. Every individual service is perfectly curated to meet your specific dietary and nutritional needs, with the ultimate goal of holistic well-being. Take charge of your diet and start your health journey today.

Weight Management

Weight Loss / Gain

A complete course to lose your fats, build muscles and regain your youth, we plan for 3-4kg weight loss every month.

PCOS / PCOD Reversal

For Females, we need more! Meet your body's requirements correctly, and manage those food cravings.

Diabetes Reversal

Reduce your dependence on medicine and insulin, and keep your sugars under control, even after eating your choice.

Medical Nutrition

May it be a starting of kidney disease to managing appetite in cancer treatment, Fiprofat caters to medical nutrition therapy in all conditions.

Child Nutrition

When you want your child to achieve optimum height and weight, but your child's fussy eating leaves no option, we are here with new tricks to teach your child correct nutrition habits.

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Let your kiddo make a mark only in your heart, not your tummy! Lose that weight, and flaunt your body again.

Restaurant Calorie Counter

As per the FSSAI bill on restaurants to post energy and nutrition information on the food served on menu, we, at FiProFat, help you standardise your menu for counting calories. Also FiProFat closely looks into the style of cooking to recommend best cooking methods for healthy food generation and certifies restaurants for Fitness Rating.

Sports Nutrition

So if you are undergoing training, or aiming for a championship or a budding player, we welcome you to our sport nutrition sessions to gear up for your next trophy.

Corporate Wellness

There is an ever increase in prevalence of chronic diseases among employees due to sedentary lifestyle, erratic eating habits, Chronic smoking and high stress. The FiProFat complete wellness package is planned to improve health of employees.


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